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Kirk Hamilton is the pseudonym for Keith Hetherington, Many of you know him under as the author of the immensely popular MADIGAN series, written as Hank J. Kirby. As "Kirk Hamilton" he was one of the most popular writers in the Cleveland Publishing stable.
Piccadilly Publishing is proud to bring back the Bannerman series in digital form, along with the original cover artwork and adapted for our house style. They are forty-eight books in the series and we intend to bring them out on a monthly basis. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

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Published December 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.55

It promised to be the biggest land swindle in the history of Texas … so Governor Lester Dukes sent his top Enforcer, Yancey Bannerman, to find the crook behind it and bring him to justice. But few men knew the swindler's true identity, and they weren't about to tell!

Then Yancey took a bullet-graze to the skull, and before he could recover from that, a devastating train derailment finally put him in a hospital bed. Facing an operation that could kill him as easily as it could cure him, Yancey was out of action—which left his partner, Johnny Cato, to finish what he'd started.

Nothing could have prepared Johnny for what followed—a bullet wound that came real close to killing him, a woman with whom he fell in love … and a bunch of gunswift killers who aimed to execute him before he could spoil their get-rich-quick scheme!

Published November 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.55

This time Yancey Bannerman's mission was just about as personal as it could get. Following a brawl in a saloon, his Danish friend Erik Larsen, also known as the Viking, was accused of being part of Matt Garrett's gang of merciless cutthroats. Yancey aimed to prove otherwise. But following an explosive jailbreak, Erik had vanished into the vast buffalo hunting grounds of the Red River country.

That was't all. Garrett and his gang also wanted Erik, because the Viking had unwittingly stumbled onto the whereabouts of a fortune in stolen bank money!

The trail was drenched in blood and piled high in spent bullet cases. But Yancey was determined to see it right to the bitter finish. And at the end, the Viking would earn himself a new warrior name … as a true Tejano!

Published October 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.55

The Governor of Texas had entrusted the safety of Senator Jonas Locke to his No 2 Enforcer, Johnny Cato. The mission proved to be more boring than anything else … until that last night, when Locke decided to go on a bender in the cowboy capital, Cheyenne. That was where Johnny's problems began …

With the senator abducted by a sadistic maniac called Wolf Duane, Johnny had to head up into the high country to rescue him. But Duane had a whole passel of hired gunmen to back his play, so the odds were stacked high against him.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the mountains themselves provided their own challenges—blizzards, avalanches and a pack of starved wolves that just wouldn't quit until they'd turned him into supper.

But Johnny wasn't playing a lone hand quite as much as he thought. His partner, Yancey Bannerman, was also on his trail, helped by a beautiful Indian girl who loved to take the scalps of her enemies!

Published September 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.55

When Governor Dukes suffered his worst heart attack yet, the buzzards began to gather. It seemed like everyone wanted to seize power and run Texas their way, from political opponents to gunnies with their own personal scores to settle.

Keeping the governor safe until he could recover his health was the first priority for his chief Enforcers, Yancey Bannerman and Johnny Cato. But even they couldn't be everywhere at once. Sooner or later someone out there was going to finish the governor for good … and if they couldn't get to him directly, they'd do it through the only thing he loved more than Texas itself—his daughter, Kate!

Published August 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

It all started with a very special gift … a gold-plated, silver-inlaid Commemorative rifle, specially made on the express orders of the Winchester Family for presentation to Lester Dukes, Governor of Texas. But when the rifle was stolen, Yancey Bannerman and Johnny Cato set out to track down the thieves. The mission wasn't official—they were doing it as a favor to Winchester's representative, Lang Huckabee. Before it was over, however, good men and bad would die wholesale, the Governor's daughter, Kate, would find herself in the clutches of a homicidal madman, and death would claim one of the heroes who went after Mad Dog Hallam.

Published July 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

Few men deserved a bullet more than the man called Sundance. But his killer unwittingly set in motion a chain of events that few could have foreseen. A man named Brandon had been about to hire Sundance for a mystery job. When he got wind of it, Texas Governor Lester Dukes was determined to find out just what it was. So he called in Yancey Bannerman, with orders to go undercover, and posing as Sundance, blow whatever crooked scheme it was wide-open.

Yancey and his gun-swift partner Johnny Cato, met violence at every turn and almost died on the Mexican desert they called the White Hell. But the real shock was still to come … when Bannerman discovered just who Brandon really was.

Published December 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

The Bannerman business empire spread right across the west, but Yancey Bannerman, the oldest son of magnate C.B. Bannerman, wasn't interested in all that wealth—at least, not if he had to sit behind a pile of ledgers and accounts to earn it. Yancey preferred the wide-open, adventurous life … and that was why C.B. disowned him.

To C.B.'s way of thinking, Yancey was little more than a black sheep. And anyway, he had another son, Chuck, and a daughter named Mattie, to rely on. But C.B. should have looked a little closer to home to find the real black sheep of the family. Chuck was up to his eyes in gambling debts, and that made him a desperate man … just desperate enough to try robbing the Governor of Texas himself!

Before he knew it, Yancey and his gun-swift partner, Johnny Cato, found themselves involved a plot to oust Governor Lester Dukes from power … and by the end of it, each man had himself a new job—as one of the Governor's go-anywhere, fight-anyone peacekeepers … the Enforcers.

Read Chapter One here

Published January 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

Twenty one thousand dollars … to get their hands on it, Reno Slade and his gang killed two innocent people and then high-tailed it into the Indian Territory. But they hadn't reckoned on Sven Johansen's daughter Anya, who would stop at nothing to bring her parents' killers to justice.

She knew exactly the way to do it, too. She'd heard of Governor Dukes' two "enforcers", Yancey Bannerman and Johnny Cato. Though based in Texas, she knew they could flout jurisdiction and state lines, and ride the lawless land until the account with Slade was settled in blood.

She wanted that above all else. And nothing was going to stop her from being in at the kill!

Published February 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

The cold-blooded murder of rancher Abe Summers led to a surprising discovery—a long-lost treasure of Spanish reàls, escudos, doubloons and pieces of eight!

Abe's land-grabbing neighbour, Nathan Cross, wanted that treasure all to himself, and was prepared to have his hired gun, Lang Brodie, kill to get it.

But then Governor Dukes got involved, and quickly discovered that the coins were only half the story. There was something else still waiting to be unearthed, a treasure of far greater value than the coins …
So Dukes sent his two top Enforcers, Yancey Bannerman and Johnny Cato, down to the Sabine River country to help Abe's college professor daughter find … The Guns of Texas!

Published March 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

Twenty years earlier, Governor Lester Dukes had helped found the town of Rifle Ridge, Texas. The move had had him popular with many … but a hated enemy to others. Along the way, Dukes had punished the wealthy ranchers who had grabbed millions of acres illegally by raising a land tax. Now, the town was about to celebrate its anniversary, and Governor Dukes was going to be the guest of honor. But for some, Dukes' visit was an opportunity to settle old scores.

Suspecting a possible assassination attempt, the Governor sent out his best Enforcers, Yancey Bannerman and Johnny Cato, to check out Rifle Ridge before he arrived. He didn't dream that one of them would end up being buried alive, while the other would build the very weapon that would be used to kill him!

Published April 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

After Yancey Bannerman, Johnny Cato was the best Enforcer Governor Dukes had. Johnny might like good whiskey and bad women, but he was hell with the hide off when it came to putting away the bad guys.

But Johnny was a man with a secret. No matter the game, no matter how steep the odds, he just couldn't resist the lure of the cards. And that gambling habit got him into debt, big-time, with some mighty shady characters.

Then the unthinkable happened. Johnny and Yancey came to blows over Johnny's problem, and the one-time gunsmith quit the Enforcers about thirty seconds before Governor Dukes could fire him. Johnny warned Bannerman that the next time they met, it would be through gunsmoke. Yancey believed him. But they'd been through so much together, he felt obliged to give Johnny one more chance to come good.

Big mistake…

Published May 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

Yancey Bannerman and Johnny Cato rode into Beaumont undercover, posing as a couple of trail-wolves fresh off a cattle drive and ready to howl. In reality, their mission was to find a mysterious mulatto whore who had been instrumental in the death of a prominent senator. The deeper they dug, the more enemies they made, and when things turned real rough, they left a trail of bodies behind them.

The senator's death had been connected to something big, and the head honcho of a gang whose specialty was blackmail and entrapment was willing to do anything to thwart Governor Dukes' two top Enforcers. But still they kept coming, and when the mission became personal, Yancey and Johnny vowed that nothing would stop them from seeing it through to its explosive climax.

Published June 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.41

Lester Dukes, the Governor of Texas, felt that the time had come to expand his group of Enforcers—the go-anywhere, fight-anyone squad that maintained law and order in the Lone Star State. So he handed the chore to his two best men, Yancey Bannerman and Johnny Cato. They came up with Ironsite, a center where new Enforcers could be trained, and then set about recruiting the best of the best from the Texas Rangers.

A fanatic named Sam Burdin was fixing to invade the town of Van Horn with his twenty-strong army of so-called 'Texas Freedom Fighters', and they planned to give Governor Dukes a bullet-welcome when he came to take part in the Texas Independence Day celebrations.

Burdin said he was a patriot, a man who only had the welfare of Texas at heart. But the truth was very different. Burdin was a psychotic killer, and a mass-murderer in the making. And all that stood between him and total anarchy were … the Enforcers.

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Kirk Hamilton is better known as Keith Hetherington who has penned hundreds of westerns (the figure varies between 600 and 1000) also under the names of Hank J Kirby and Brett Waring. Keith also worked as a journalist for the Queensland Health Education Council, writing weekly articles for newspapers on health subjects and radio plays dramatising same.